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BC – Wigs, Scarves, & Hats, Oh My!

My second chemo treatment was last Friday, and so far my side effects have been very minimal. Yesterday and today, though, I’ve had the very odd sensation of pain in all my hair follicles (a very odd and unsettling sensation). … Continue reading

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BC – Surviving Transformation

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –- Jim Rohn So much change is going on, everywhere I look. Not just today, (watching on television) as we inaugurate a new President of the United … Continue reading

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BC – On Becoming: Vulnerable

The first full week after the first chemo treatment is behind me, and I’m happy to report that my side effects are less than I’d hoped for! My biggest concern was nausea; I can power through a lot, but not … Continue reading

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BC – Chemo Round 1 – Day 5

I’m five days in to the chemotherapy treatments and am doing remarkably well! Other than a few moments of very light nausea on day 1, there have been few side effects. I am feeling fatigued, especially on day 3, I … Continue reading

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BC – Chemo: Round 1

We got to the hospital yesterday (1.6.17) by 7:30am and planned for a long and stressful day. I had the port that was surgically installed on Wednesday flushed out first thing (this will happen each visit), then met with the … Continue reading

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BC – Chemo: Devil or Angel?

The days in this week have simply evaporated! Tuesday night I got all my hair chopped off to make the psychological hit a bit easier when it begins falling out in a couple weeks. The cool thing is, since I’ve … Continue reading

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BC – The Calm Before the Storm

Ron & I had a wonder-filled New Year’s evening! We went out and used a gift certificate at an amazing restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls called Crawford’s, then celebrated with new friends who have become family to us. We did … Continue reading

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