Breast Cancer (BC) – Day 1

     Today was Monday. A Monday with teeth. Nobody really LIKES Mondays, even if their “Monday” falls on a different day. This is a universally accepted disdain. However Mondays can challenge us, and seek ways to break us down, make us really long for the weekend past. Some will persevere, some will go home and drink. Some Mondays, require us to do both. This was one of those Mondays for me.
      Cutting through all the small talk – it IS still a Monday after all – this afternoon I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. What does that mean? It means I have breast cancer, and have had it long enough for the cancer to work its way through the duct walls and into the breast tissue. How far has it spread? How big are the cancerous areas (I have 2). I’m not sure, but those are certainly questions I will ask the surgeon I am meeting later this week.
      This has been a difficult day for me and for Ron. As long as he is by my side, I am good. I have survived a LOT in my life, more than a child should ever have to see, and I will walk out on top of this. Eventually. But not today. Today I am embracing the vulnerability that comes with the diagnosis, and beating it back with researching treatment options, immediate diet changes, positive thinking, knowledge, and prayer. Lots of prayer.
I have friends who walk MANY diverse paths and respect all of them, and believe in the power each faith has to offer them. If you pray, chant, light a candle, burn an incense, meditate, dance a veve, speak to angels, whatever your path offers you, if you choose to do any of those things with my well being in mind, I accept that, and thank you for the positive energy to the Universe.
      I have posted this information as a note so I can follow up on questions, comments, and the like, all in one place. I might be able to update the note, maybe not, I’ve not done that much FB research as yet. I will be online periodically over the next few weeks, and will work to keep this note, or subsequent notes, up to date with the latest info.
By the way, the image at the top of this was taken on my way home tonight – yes I pulled over before snapping the cell phone image. This has been a tough day, but there is still beauty all around me. I choose to see that instead of the darkness threatening my vision. I still believe everything happens as it is supposed to and I choose to find the happy in all things. Blessed be!

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One Response to Breast Cancer (BC) – Day 1

  1. lavanda and Mike says:

    The word Cancer. response: so many emotions. lst fear. Then the fight, the battle begins. Yes my friend, you have experienced many fears in your life. esp. as a teenager and you fought and you conquered. You have always set your goals high and once achieved, well, lets see what else I can do. I am writing this on January 8th. the sermon this morning was on Prayer. “no prayer means no faith” without faith is No hope. Prayer, NEVER quit. sometimes our prayers are not answered as quickly as we would like. God hears, god heals. We love you, Mike and Lavanda


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